Thursday, July 13, 2017

Minnesota 2017

School got out June 9 and we hit the ground running with summer activities! We've got a little 2 week break so I'm hoping to get caught up on entering our activities before the next wave! To start the summer we picked Makenna up from school and left for Minnesota for Steve's family reunion. It was a 15+ hour drive and the kids did really well (for the most part). Our most exciting part of the drive was about 4 hours after we left we stopped at a rest stop for a break. When we got out we noticed all of these bees but I just told the kids if we didn't bother them then they wouldn't bother us. So we walked around and did our thing and as we were getting back in the bees were all of a sudden so mad. We hurried and got in the car and as I was getting Caleb in a bee got in my hair! Steve shuts the doors and I'm screaming in the parking lot trying to get this bee out of my hair (I'm sure I looked like a crazy lady!) The bee finally got out but in the process had stung me on my cheek. I got back in the car and was able to pull the stinger out. But the next few days my cheek was swollen, it looked like I had just gotten my wisdom teeth out! 

 It was so fun when we got to Minnesota. Steve's cousin Debbie has a cabin at one of the lakes and she hosted us all. We had all the fun water toys, great food and even better company and it was gorgeous! For 2 straight days the kids were in the water( I hardly saw Makenna, she was in heaven!) or playing yard games or by the fire. It was great!

Makenna and cousin Steph making their way through the water
 Makenna was in love with the jet skies. As soon as she got off riding with one person she'd start bugging someone else to take her out again.
Makenna and Rex

 Caleb could be found throwing rocks in the water or digging in the sand.

Makenna and Davy
 Chase was a little more hesitant getting on the jet ski but once he did he of course loved it!
Chase and Davy

The other two days we were their it was raining so we went to Duluth to check some things out. It was stormy their too but at least we could play inside. We went to the aquarium. It was pretty cool and we got to touch the sturgeon.

 We all love Uncle Donovan!
 And these three ladies are some of our favorites too! I had to sneak this picture cause Priscilla doesn't like her picture taken- but I got you!
Aunt Priscilla, Aunt Rose, Cousin Debbie
This was out to the lighthouse to the Duluth bridge- Lake Superior is in the background.

 Can you see the bridge??
 We also went to the train station and the boys could have played with the train tables all day!

 We seriously had so much fun!!! Thank you Minnesota family for such a great time!!!

On our drive home we saw this huge Paul Bunyan and had to stop and take a picture.

 We stayed in Bismarck, ND on the way back and made a stop to see the temple.

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