Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Our Easter celebrations started with an egg hunt on Thursday for Caleb at preschool. I was able to come help hide the eggs and join in on the fun!
Grandma, Grandpa and Andrea were able to come up and spend the weekend with us and it was great having them here! On Saturday we woke up to snow and decided to go to the egg hunt at the middle school at one in hopes that it would be a little warmer. They had to shovel the field and it was a bit chilly but we had a good time. The kids came home with plenty of candy!

 When we got home from the hunt we dyed Easter eggs...

 It was also conference weekend so it was nice just relaxing and hanging out. Makenna finished up her blanket she got for Christmas and lots of games were played.

 Makenna thought it would be fun to put Grandma's hair in pig tails!

Such a fun weekend and glad we could have family come visit. Mostly glad to celebrate the Savior and His Resurrection.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring Break

The kids were on spring break last week so we had made plans to do something every day to help us stay
busy. But on a side note this first picture was taken right before the break. The kindergartners had an afternoon where we could come and they would show off some of the things they've done this year. It was so fun and Chase was so excited to have us come and show off for us!
 Monday of spring break started with a nerf gun fight at the church gym with some friends. Their were obstacles in the gym, christmas lights and a fog machine. It was a good time. All was well until we were cleaning up and the fire alarm went off from the fog machine! The kids thought it was awesome that the fire men came and us moms were slightly embarrassed. Good memories!
 Tuesday we went for ice cream and a trip to the Museum of the Rockies.
 Wednesday our friends the Stewarts let us all come play with their animals. It was a muddy mess but we all enjoyed it and the kids loved riding the ponies. We also had a campfire dinner to end the day.

 Thursday was movie  day and Friday Steve was home with the kids and took them bowling. The kids loved their extra time with Steve!
Friday I met Chris in Idaho Falls for our annual girls weekend. It was great. We made it to the temple, shopping, the play Sense and Sensibility, movies and massages. We also went to the Museum of Idaho where right now the exhibit is Dinosaurs in Motion. All of these dinosaur replicas made out of scrap metal on pulleys, springs and controlled with remote controls. It was pretty cool. Such a great weekend for everyone!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Murder Mystery

Last night Steve and I were invited to a Murder Mystery Dinner with friends. Steve and I were rich club owners in the 1920s. It was so much fun dressing up and being together. Don't let our innocent faces trick you, we ended up being the murderers! 

Valentine's Day

Valentine's is really one of my favorite holidays. I love showing those closest to me how much I love them! But I hate making valentine boxes and was glad Chase was the only one who needed one this year. I love how his box turned out!
 On Valentines I surprised the kids and came and had lunch with them at school. Both Makenna and Chase were so surprised. We actually had our fancy dinner the night before because our Wednesday nights are so busy.

 Thursday (the day after) was Caleb's party at school and it was fun spending special time with him!

I sure love these three, and Steve too! They are my everything!


Some random things going on here. The boys still love dressing up and one day Makenna decided to dress Caleb up as a girl. Such Goons!
 It seems that  whenever the boys have friends over they always find the dress-ups. I love it when they dress up and use their imaginations!
Mason, Chase, Caleb

Weston and Caleb
 Chase had to do a polar project at school. They could choose any project they wanted. Chase wanted to do penguins. He had so much enthusiasm for the project. He wanted to get it done the day it was assigned even though we had 2 1/2 weeks. While we didn't get it done that day, we did get it done that weekend!(I hope he always wants to get things done and not procrastinate!) We made them out of clay and those are fish around the penguins. He did a great job!
 On President's Day we went to the Fun Zone and I was surprised how much the kids liked it. It has some bounce houses and this huge foam pit. The kids were in the foam pit 90% of the time and slept so well that night. They thought it was the best!
 It was also Chases' half birthday celebration at school and was so excited to have the extra attention. I just had to make sure he understood I wasn't buying him a present!


Caleb is now a sunbeam and is so excited to go to primary. He's been going for 2 months now and loves it. The pictures were taken his first Sunday in primary.

And today, Feb 25 he gave his first talk in primary. It was about how Heavenly Father has given us this beautiful Earth and we need to help take care of it. He did a great job, I'm so proud of him! However, he didn't want me to take a picture of him after church holding his picture of the Earth.

Monday, January 15, 2018

New Year's Eve

I really haven't been a big fan of New Year's Eve until the past couple of years. It has been so fun with the kids. We usually start our activities at about 5 and the kids get to pop a balloon every 1/2 hour and inside is our next activity. The first balloon was making your own pizza for dinner. While the pizza was cooking our next activity was to make your own noise maker. The kids painted plates and we put rice in them and glued the plates together.
 After dinner we played minute to win it games and these were the best part of the night and the kids thought each game was hilarious. We played the same games from Makenna's birthday party and had such a fun time.

 Not pictured-we also played a balloon toss game. We had our new year's eve countdown at 8 and toasted in the new year with egg nogg.

By the time we got the kids calmed down and into bed it was about 9 and I was exhausted. I don't think Steve and I have stayed up till midnight in years!! 2017 was a great year!