Sunday, July 8, 2018

4 of July

The 4 of July was pretty low key around here. The day before Caleb, Makenna and I had dipped ice cream sandwiches in chocolate and and put sprinkles on them to make them all festive. As you can tell Caleb loved licking the bowl afterwards!

 For the holiday we went and did the Drinking Horse hike. It was a perfect, not too hard hike with a fun "cabin" at the end.

 That evening we had BBQ and some fireworks and stayed up way too late watching all the fireworks around us.

Fairy Lake

We tried to come to Fairy Lake last year on Memorial Day but the road was still closed so we hiked the road and when we got to the trail head we were ready to turn back. So this year we waited and went to Fairy Lake last week. It was beautiful and the boys loved stopping every ten steps to throw in rocks/sticks. It was even kind of chilly and their were still patches of snow.


Some of our favorite people came to visit in June! We loved having the Runhaars come and spend time with us. I had all of these outdoor adventures planned and it rained every day they were here except the last day! We still had a great time and just changed activities. We played lots of games. Its more fun now that the kids are getting older and can play more games.
 A little bowling one afternoon...

 We went to our first roller derby.

 Some pizza at Audrey's Pizza.

 One morning we went to the Robotics museum and the boys loved the robot room and seeing C3P0.
 Swimming at the Hot Springs. It was pretty fun in the rain!
 And our only sunny day we went and hiked the M. It was beautiful! Afterwards we had lunch at the Dinosaur Park.

We sure love the Runhaars!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Summer Fun

Summer means lots of time at the pond and splash pad and its always more fun with friends!

Weston, Straten, Caleb

Chase, Kai, Beckett, Mason, PJ

Arleigh and Makenna

Kris, Tana, Stephanie, Kelly, Wendy

Back: Jocelyn, Camera, Airi, Grey, Chase, Caleb
Front: Eli, Kai, Kabri, Steven
We also have to have lots of cherries in the summer time and this cherry face is the best!

Last Day of School

I can't believe the school year is over, it went so fast!! Caleb did excellent in his first year of preschool and we sure love Miss Shelly!
 Chase also did excellent in Kindergarten. His end of year program was so cute. Each of the kids shared what they wanted to be when they grew up and Chase said he wants to be a museum curator because it would be fun! I didn't even know he knew what that job was!! I'd say his biggest accomplishment this year was learning how to read. He picked up on it really quick and has started to slowly make his way through the first Harry Potter book! We loved Mrs. Prescott too!
 Makenna also did excellent in third grade! I don't have a picture with her and her teacher but we lucked out on good teachers for all the kids this year and Mrs. Steadman for Makenna was amazing! She learned all her multiplication and really excelled in everything this year!

On the last day of school after the kindergarten program I took the boys to lunch while Makenna went to a birthday party and then headed to the pond with friends! It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Chase and Mason

Lost Tooth

Chase finally lost his first tooth!! He came home one day from school so excited about his loose tooth, he played with it all evening and the next day when he came home it was out. He had pulled it out during his music class at school! He was so happy. He has been asking for a long time when he'll lose a tooth and wanting one to come out since all his buddies had lost one!
 For Memorial Day we went to the Bozeman parade and had a good time. After we went to the cemetery and wandered around

 Caleb was just looking so cute one Sunday before church that I had to snap a picture!
 He is such a goof ball lately and loved licking the bowl of this chocolate one afternoon!
 We also spent one morning at Weston's house and the boys had fun playing and then a little GoGurt action after!
Josiah, Weston, Caleb