Sunday, April 23, 2017

Catching Up

I've gotten so far behind in  uploading the pictures but I think I'm almost caught up! I just don't want to forget our sweet memories! We went and got ice cream one day and Caleb had an ice cream beard!
 Caleb has been so funny lately, his personality is so cute. He loves wearing Steve's tiger slippers around.
 We've also given up on naps. I'm so sad to not have nap time anymore but he's actually been so much better. It's been nice not fighting with him about it. He's usually pretty good during the day. He'll sometimes have a melt down at dinner but we power through it. He's been sleeping so much better at night too and has been sleeping longer in the morning. I still need that time to myself in the afternnons though which makes me so sad about giving up on naps so I'll have the boys watch a show for a bit. This is how I find him sometimes and it's so sweet!
 Makenna and I had a special date a few weeks ago when she was able to come to the Women's Conference with me. We went out to dinner and then to the conference. So fun to spend one on one time with her!
 We've had some beautiful days and the boys love spending it outside. Their is an old barn by our house that we'll walk too and they'll play with the sticks and rocks. They keep waiting for the water to come back down the stream but it hasn't yet.

 I had to make some cookies and what's better than licking the beaters?!
 Makenna, Chase and I went to the movies to see Beauty and the Beast!

Spring Break

 Our school spring break was in March and I wanted to keep busy so the kids wouldn't drive me crazy! We went to Michaels craft store every morning to make a craft. The kids loved it and made some pretty cool stuff. The first day they made their own stamps.

 The second day they got to play with wonder clay. It's like this spongy playdough.
 That day we also went to the Museum of the Rockies. Right now they have live crocodiles. We went with some of our friends and had a great afternoon. Can you see the crocodile in the background? We couldn't decide if he was real because he wasn't moving and had his mouth wide open- but he's real!

This crocodile is NOT real:)

Makenna, Mason, Chase, Caleb, Kai,PJ
 The top floor of the museum is a play area and the kids love it. This is my little firefighter!
 Wednesday the Michaels craft was painting their initials on foam boards and decorating them.
 Thursday they made these cute owl puppets.
We also were able to go bowling with a group of friends. Who needs chairs when you can just lay of the bowling ball racks?!
Beckett, Mason, Chase

 Look at all of these boys- so cute!
L to R: Straten, Beckett, Mason, Chase, Caleb, Carter, Gray
Friday of spring break I left for Idaho Falls for the weekend and so the kids got to hang out with Steve. Steve took them to Michaels and they decorated picture frames and Steve wanted to go see the crocodiles too so they headed back to the museum.
It was such a fun spring break!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day started with Caleb and I helping at Chase's school. It's always so fun to go help and Caleb loves feeling like a big kid!

 After preschool we went and had lunch with Makenna at school.
Chase, Makenna's friend Katelyn, Makenna, Caleb
 That afternoon the boys were so good and did some painting and crafts.
 For dinner we had heart shaped cinnamon rolls, bacon, hash browns and fruit-it was delicious! I sure love all these people, they are my world!

Sunday, April 9, 2017


A few random things of our happenings in the past little while. The kids have become obsessed with Uno. We play All. The. Time!
 Also Makenna got a new haircut. It was getting pretty long- she loves her new haircut, and I do too! With it being shorter she's been able to wash it and take care of it all by herself- it's so great!

 This was one Sunday afternoon- we had a lego mess all over.
 We had to go to Helena for a retirement party for one of Steve's drivers so we decided to make a day out of it. We went to the Montana Historical Society Museum.They had a fun interactive area for the kids. It was a good afternoon together.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


 Steve was in Billings for work this past week so me and the kids drove over on Friday and we spent the night. We are getting a little cabin fever around here so it was nice to get away for a bit. Friday night we went and saw the temple- it was so beautiful!

 Then we went to Scheels and rode the Ferris wheel. Caleb and I were in a seat and then the other three were together. The kids were so excited to ride it! Caleb was nervous as we kept getting higher and was shaking! Once we went around once he wasn't as scared anymore and enjoyed the rest of the ride. It was my first time riding a Ferris wheel too!
 They also have photo spots around the store too! The kids thought they were hilarious!

Saturday morning I went to the temple and Steve took the kids to Candy Town. A huge store full of candy-anything you can think of and you pay by the pound. And then we went to The Reef, an indoor water park. They had water slides, kiddy area, wave pool, hot tub, and an activity pool where you could shoot some hoops and do a rope course in the water- it was so fun! I left the camera in the car since I wasn't sure what to expect. But we loved it! We stayed longer then we were planning because everyone was having so much fun. It was a great little getaway!


We had a couple of really cold weeks the end of December/beg of January- like -26! We were pretty excited when temperatures started going above 0 again. We go to the library a lot when we can't be outside. They have this igloo made out of milk jugs and the boys love going in their and playing. I had a friend say she's surprised Steve hasn't made one of these at our house with all of the milk jugs we go through at our house!
 Also, Caleb has been fighting so much about taking a nap during the day. It has been taking me 20 min to convince him and get him into bed.One day I just didn't have it in me to fight with him so I let him stay up. This is how I found him at about 2:30... Silly boy!

Winter Fun

We went sledding a few weeks ago. Their is a perfect hill close by so we went. It was a little chilly but we all had a great time! We were giving Steve a hard time though because he went down the hill with Makenna and broke one of the sleds!

 Then last week the Hone's invited us over and the kids got pulled in the sleds behind the snowmobiles!
Caleb, Beckett, Chase

Makenna, Arleigh