Saturday, September 29, 2018


Since living in Montana I haven't done canning like I used to because the produce isn't as available and I really miss it. Luckily a big truck brings peaches from Utah so I've been able to do those. Caleb was such a good helper getting the skins off the peaches, I just wish he would've lasted longer!
 I've really been wanting to do pears and applesauce again. So I made a quick trip to Utah and canned like crazy one weekend with Chris. Really the canning was just an excuse for a girls weekend! We were quite productive and came home with hopefully enough to last till next fall.

 I threw this last picture in of Makenna and I's little ice cream date after we went to listen to the Women's session of general conference. Love the time I spend with her.

Saturday, September 22, 2018


We've lived in Bozeman for 2 1/2 years and we finally made it to Yellowstone. I haven't been to Yellowstone since the summer I worked their (14 years ago) and Steve said he hadn't been since he was a kid. The whole day I was thinking of memories from when I was their last. We left early Saturday morning and made a day out of it stopping at a few of the highlights of the park. Our first stop was Old Faithful. We did the visitors center, walked around on the boardwalk to see the other pools and of course watched Old Faithful.

 Our next stop was at Canyons(this is the area I worked at.) I love this spot and think that it is just amazing! Did a couple of the view spots and the main hike down to the top of the falls.

 Beautiful view of the falls but the kids were more obsessed with this hole in the rock that they could sit in! Silly kids.

 Our last stop of the day was at Mammoth. We did the boardwalk trail and made it before it got to dark to really see.

 On our way out of the park we saw this huge herd of elk. It was such a good day!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Mark and Steff come to Visit

Labor Day weekend Mark/Steff and Beca came to visit and it was the best! The weather was beautiful and we had so much fun together. Couldn't have asked for a better time! They came Friday evening and left Monday morning.
Saturday we took them to Palisade Falls and Hyalite. The falls are always a hit and the kids love climbing around!

 After the falls we threw rocks into Hyalite and were all trying to be the best rock skipper.

 For dinner we had Audrey's Pizza. We had to stop at Walmart after and they have this huge bin of different heads that the kids like to put on!

 Sunday after church and naps we went to our favorite spot to have a campfire dinner. Hot dogs, smores, BB guns and just hanging out together. It was the best!

 We were sad to see them go on Monday morning. Loved our time with them and that they could come be with us!
 After we sent Mark/Steff on their way we headed to the lake with the Hone's. The kids could have ridden the tube all afternoon. But they also tried knee boarding and Makenna even attempted the water skis. Steve also did the knee board and skis and I did the board as well. It was such a fun day!