Sunday, August 6, 2017

Grandma/Grandpa/Andrea Visit

Two days after Misha left my parents and Andrea came to visit. We got to do lots of fun things with them too! On Wednesday we went to Deer Lodge and checked out the old Montana State Prison. It was pretty interesting and creepy sometimes too. 

Should I leave them in the cell?

 Their isn't much to do in Deer Lodge except visit the 5 museums they have and once you pay to get into one you can get into all of them so we did a few of the other ones since we were there! They have an automobile museum which also was pretty cool and the kids liked!
 They have these cutouts along the sidewalk that of course we had to stop for each one!

On Thursday we took them to the Museum of the Rockies (we're getting a little burned out with this one but it really is interesting if you've never been and when I can get us in for free it's hard to pass up!)

 Friday we took them to the Lewis and Clark Caverns which is always fun!

 Saturday morning we hiked to the "M". It was a beautiful morning and not too hot. Unfortunately Montana has a lot of fires so the skies are smokey. So while it still was beautiful I want to do it again when the skies clear up.
 I was so proud of Caleb. He walked 98% of the way. Steve only carried him twice and only for a few minutes. He was a champ!

 In the afternoon we tye-dyed t-shirts. The kids loved getting dye all over their shirts and wondering what the final project would turn out to look like.

 I also promised the kids we would break out the big ice cream maker for the first time this summer (Steve and I got it as a wedding gift and it still hasn't been used!) It was delicious and I believe we'll have to use it again soon.

 Steve and I had to take advantage of free babysitting and we were able to go out Saturday evening. It was so nice spending time together!
So glad my family could come spend time with us!

More visitors

Our next visitors was Misha, Kira, and Robin. They were here for just the weekend. Both mornings were laid back while Robin took his nap and then we'd head out after lunch for some activities! The kids played nonstop and Makenna and Kira were playing barbies every minute we were at home. We loved every minute they were here! Friday afternoon was the Museum of the Rockies to show them our favorite things and after we stopped at the ice cream store!

 Saturday afternoon we went and played in the pond. Chase loved being with Robin the whole weekend and was such a good helper with him. It was so cute!

 Robin is definitely a boy and was covered in sand by the time we left. He loved eating it and my favorite was picking it up by the handfuls and rubbing it in his hair!
Robin also thought Caleb would be a good pillow while he drank his milk!
 Love these kiddos and the time we get to spend with them!

Other Activites

We've kept busy when we haven't had company too! We have made some good friends here in Bozeman and love doing things together. A couple of us have tried to go on some trails a couple of times this summer and it has been so much fun. They're always easy hikes and such a fun way to spend some mornings!

Triple Tree Trail
Charlee, Stephanie, Eli, Kayla, Chase, Me, Caleb, Jett, Kai

 We stole Steve away from work one day and had lunch at the park!
 Going to the pond is always one of our favorites.

Chase and Kai

 Chase got a new bike so we put the training wheels back on this bike for Caleb and he has loved it! On another note we also potty trained Caleb too and he has been great. My easiest one by far. He's been ready for awhile but I wanted to wait till after our trips before it became official. He's only had one accident- has been great when we've been out and about and is dry all night. Seriously a dream!
 We saw Smokey the Bear at a library activity and Caleb wanted nothing to do with him!
 Another one of our "hiking" mornings although the kids ride their bikes on this trail and love it. We've done it a couple of times!

Galligator Trail
Makenna, Chase, Jax, Caleb, Mason

Me and Chana

One of the young women in our ward did a career camp for any of the kids who wanted to come. My kids love it and one of the days was Carnival Day and they came home with their faces painted. So cute!

Another library activity where the kids learned about recycling and they all made these newspaper hats.

And Dad is the fun parent for sure. Last Sunday the kids had the barbies, legos, superheroes, and army men all out playing together!

Makenna also has a picture up at the local grocery store. I knew it would be coming down soon and I finally remembered to take a picture of it with her!

We made it to the park one day and it was so hot the kids really didn't want to play but luckily the sprinklers came on so they were good for the next hour getting soaked!