Sunday, October 8, 2017


Yesterday we worked together and got the house clean so we could play all afternoon at the Bozeman Maze. It was a so fun. They had a hay maze, corn bins to play in, train ride for the kids and a hay ride. Such a fun afternoon together enjoying the fun fall season!
 They were in the corn bins for close to an hour!

Fence, Cookies and Snow

We got a fence put up this summer and the kids were super "helpful" one Saturday wanting to help stain it. It was fun for about 10 min and then Steve and I were ready for them to go find something else to do:)

 Last weekend over conference weekend we made our sugar cookies. This has been such a fun tradition we've started helps our Sunday afternoon go a little faster and more calm so I can hear the talks and the kids love it!

One morning this week we woke up to a surprise on the ground! The kids were excited and I was sad. Caleb could not wait to go out and "play" in it! Luckily it melted in a few hours and hopefully we still have a bit till it really snows:)

Sunday, September 3, 2017

First Day of School

School started this week! Makenna started 3 grade and is going to be awesome.
 Chase started Kindergarten. It's all day here in Montana and he couldn't be more excited and more ready! I think he's most excited to ride the bus. They both were up and ready to go so early on the first day!
 I'm so glad they have each other!

This guy started preschool too! He's loves it and asks everyday if he gets to go to school too, Tuesday and Thursdays are the best! His first day he walked right in and waved goodbye. I'm not sure weather to cry because my baby is in school or jump for joy because I have two mornings all to myself!


Last day of summer I took the kids tubing down this little stream. It was the perfect stream. It was just deep enough and just fast enough so they wouldn't get stuck! We were their for almost 3 hours, the kids going down and jumping back out and starting over again!


Our last weekend of summer we finally made it camping. It's been 4 years since we've gone camping as a family! We went to the Red Cliff Campground. It was great minus a 45 min rain storm just as we were cooking dinner. We hung out in the car and then had to start the fire again to finish dinner. And poor Steve, he got stuck with the wet sleeping bag! Other than that it was great. Fire, smores, BB guns and time together. The kids were so excited to sleep in the tent. They kept asking when we could go to bed!


Big eclipse this year and we were 92% totality here in Bozeman. The library was putting on an event with food and activities and their was a whole bunch of us friends there in our spot in the parking lot!

Swim, Dentist, and Artwork

We finished a round of swim lessons and Chase and Makenna did awesome! Makenna is a fish and loves the water. She did great in her class and made some great improvements. This was Chase's first year of swim and he did a complete 360 with the water. Before lessons Chase was still crying in the bath tub and didn't like water on his face. So I was a little worried about lessons but he did great. He jumped right in and did everything he was supposed to. That night he even took a shower! I guess he just needed someone else besides his parents to tell him that the water wasn't going to hurt him!

 Caleb also had his first dentist appointment. We all went in for our 6 month cleaning and Caleb got his checked too.  He jumped right up, put on his cool glasses and got his teeth counted!

Also, Makenna has had a picture up in the local grocery store all summer and I finally remembered to take her picture next to it! One of the 2 grade teachers puts the kids artwork up from school and Makenna made this one before school got out! It's been fun seeing it every time we go to the store!